3 Tips For Choosing The Right Trash Can

Disposal of residential waste is important business. Trash cans house your garbage until the appointed day when the city or county comes to take the trash to the local landfill. The type of trash can that you select for your home can impact the cleanliness of your property.

Take the time to consider the features that you need most before investing in a trash can for your residence.

1. Waste Production

There is nothing more frustrating than opening the lid of a trash can, only to discover that the can is full. To prevent this from happening to you in the future, the first thing to consider when selecting a trash can is the amount of waste that your family produces each week.

You will need a receptacle that is large enough to accommodate all your trash. Keep track of the number of bags you dispose of in an average week, and record the size of these bags. This information will make it a lot easier to select a trash receptacle whose size will meet the needs of your family.

2. Location

You should also consider the location where you will be storing your trash cans before taking them out to the curb. Some spaces are better equipped to accommodate round trash cans, while other spaces are better suited for square or rectangular models.

You should also evaluate the distance between your storage location and the curb. Cans stored a good distance from the curb should be equipped with wheels to make it easier for you to maneuver the cans when they are filled with trash.

3. Environment

The environment where you live can also come into play when selecting the right trash cans for your home. Average temperatures will help you determine if a metal or plastic can is best suited to meet your needs.

The presence of wildlife near your home can also be an influencing factor when selecting trash cans. Your trash can represents a free meal to entrepreneurial animals. At best, you may find a mess left behind by raccoons. At worst, you may discover a bear sorting through your trash.

Specialized trash cans that feature locking lids and scent-blocking materials should be used to deter wildlife from seeking a free meal in your waste bin.

Choosing the right trash can will make it more convenient to dispose of your family's waste. Consider volume, location, and environment when determining which residential garbage container is right for your home.

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